LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Police are investigating a shooting that occurred in the West End Tavern early Monday morning.

Little Rock police responded to the shooting around 1:45 a.m. and upon arrival they found one victim on the floor suffering from two gunshot wounds in the stomach.

Police questioned several witnesses at the bar, including one woman who claimed to be a family member of the victim. She claimed she didn't see anything, but police noted that "her level of intoxication was beyond the point of normal consumption."

According to statements from those interviewed, police say the victim was sitting in the corner having a drink when the shooting suspect entered the bar. Witnesses said he was already intoxicated before entering the bar. The suspect then began going around asking people to play pool for $50 bets.

The victim took him up on the offer and the two engaged in an argument sometime after the agreement. At one point, witnesses said the suspect pushed a girl he brought to the bar to the floor.

He then began to leave the bar and the victim followed him to the doors. That's when the suspect turned around and shot at least four to five times, hitting the victim twice.

The suspect then left the bar in an unknown vehicle and there was no description of the suspect at this time. They are currently reviewing the surveillance footage.

Police say the victim is in serious condition.

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