LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - It may not feel like it outside, but winter is right around the corner. On Wednesday, several state agencies, school districts and meteorologists came together for the state's first integrated warning team workshop.

Timing is key, but in winter weather situations it's vital to have all components working properly. The National Weather Service of Little Rock held its first Integrated Warning Team workshop on Wednesday.

The focus was on how to better get winter weather information to emergency personnel, TV stations, and school districts. National Weather Service Meteorologist Dennis Cavanaugh helped coordinate the workshop. Cavanaugh said, the group looked at a simulated, yet realistic winter weather event.

"It's not a simple as is it going to snow or not. It's are we going to get snow, sleet, freezing rain," he said. "Is it going to be mixed with rain? What are those temperatures going to be? Where' that cut off and what's the timing?"

Notes from each group will be used by the National Weather Service to help better serve these agencies in the future, added Cavanaugh.

"When do they make the call to cancel school? What information can we provide as meteorologist to make decisions faster," Cavanaugh said.

Power companies and the highway department also weighed in on the conversation.