SEARCY, Ark. (KTHV) -- After almost a year of scrolling through pictures and spending tons of hours video chatting one Arkansas boy will meet a new found friend more than 2000 miles away. He’s helping kids cope with a rare skin disorder.

8-year-old Carter Blanchard is living with a rare disease called Vitiligo. An autoimmune disorder where the body attacks pigments in the skin thinking it’s a foreign object.

“I'm a person with Vitiligo,” Carter said.

His mother, Stephanie Adcock, said about two years ago she noticed the pigment around his face and arms beginning to fade.


"He didn't understand it, and the kids around him didn't understand it,” Adcock said. ”He would say to me things like, he hates his face."

She said those comments raised a lot of concern, but that would all change after scrolling through Facebook. Only one percent of the world's population is living with Vitiligo, and 25% of them are children.

"I was just strolling through, and I saw a picture of a really unique looking dog,” Adcock said. “And I didn't know what it was."

That unique looking dog is none other than 14-year-old Rowdy, from Canby Oregon. He’s living with the same skin disorder, diagnosed in the same month and year as Carter.

"Ever since he discovered Rowdy he's proud of his Vitiligo,” Adcock said. “Because not everyone gets to have Vitiligo."

This weekend they’ll take a flight to Oregon, and he will meet Rowdy for the first time, and although he's only visiting, Carter said it would be a moment to remember.

"Carter's Vitiligo it's not a weakness it's a part of his story,” Adcock said. “And it’s been a part of our family's story and our community and his school.”

A GoFundMe page has been set up for kids with this skin disorder. The money will be used to let other kids meet Rowdy in the future. You can click here to donate.