HOT SPRINGS, Ark. (KTHV) -- A unique brand of yoga that started in Arkansas is now helping kids in other states improve their ability to concentrate, as well as their flexibility and balance.

Best of all, it encourages the little ones to be noisy and silly.

According to Jessica Vincent with the University of Arkansas’ Division of Agriculture, it all started when they received a request from another school who was having some issues with fifth graders. They asked for a yoga based program to help improve not just physical fitness, but also their behavior.

She said that in yoga with adults they tend to be more focused and a little more serious. This is to create a calming atmosphere in the studio.

“With our kids, we're not that way,” Vincent explained.

“So, you're going to see us ‘mew’ like cats, ‘moo’ like cows, and act like frogs,” she said. “This is a good outlet for them to get good physical exercise and be silly.”

The students also seem to enjoy it, and their teachers are seeing the result.

“And then we'll do the more quiet ones down toward the end. This increases the blood flow and oxygen through their system, and it helps them to make better choices.”

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