LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- A person described as a good Samaritan helped state troopers get an alleged suspect under arrest.

THV11 cameras arrived to see a handful of troopers and Pulaski County deputies working to get a man into a police cruiser. It all started around 7 p.m. Saturday night, with a routine traffic stop on I-30 West near the split with 440 and 530.

Police said the driver got physical with the trooper who pulled him over. The civilian said he saw the female trooper and the man in a standoff as he drove by.

"On the way back, I could tell that they were in hand-to-hand combat and I got out of my vehicle and ran out to help," said Hal Johnson, a Lonsdale firefighter.

He arrived and noticed the trooper and the man were wrestling right on the shoulder of the interstate.

"When I rounded her vehicle, the suspect had his arms around her and his ribs were exposed," explained Johnson, "and I jumped into him with a knee and took him down."

The civilian joined another officer who arrived at the same time, knocked the man to the ground, and helped get him handcuffed.

After the ordeal ended, Johnson said the female officer embraced him with a hug and thanked him.

"They're just doing a job," Johnson said about police officers. "They're trying to protect us and when they're in trouble and they could be in great danger or bodily injury or possibly death, they deserve someone who stands in and helps."

Kendrick Graydon of Jacksonville is now locked up in Pulaski County Jail and charged with DWI, resisting arrest, and assault on the trooper. State police are not identifying the trooper, but extended thanks to the civilian and the other agencies who came to help.