LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - A bill filed on Thursday by Representative Mickey Gates (R-Hot Springs) would prohibit an amendment to a birth certificate to change the sex listed.

House Bill 1894 states that a birth certificated must list the biological sex of an individual as either male or female based upon the "genetic code of an individual at birth."

The bill also states that if an individual was born with a genetic disorder or medical condition, the listing the person's sex can be delayed up to the fifth birthday.

Previously, the law included language that allowed those who underwent gender reassignment surgery and changed their name were allowed to amend their birth certificate to reflect their gender.

Reverend Gwen Fry with the Arkansas Transgender Equality Coalition said the bill is a "direct act of legalizing discrimination against the transgender community who were born here in Arkansas."

Fry said the bill is nothing more than a way to discriminate against intersex people.

"There is no reason for this bill to make it out of committee," Fry said, "and those who vote for it will be seen as openly discriminating against a population of Arkansas that is equivalent to the population of Maumelle."

We've reached out to Rep. Gates for comment on the bill. We will update the story with his comments.