LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - The Arkansas Baptist State Convention has been at work for several days now. The group of state wide volunteers has made it their mission to help people in Houston and other cities impacted by Hurricane Harvey get back on their feet.

But, right now, they aren't exactly sure when they will be able to get there.

"When we go to one of these disasters its devastating,” said Director Randy Garrett.

When there’s a call, they answer and start packing resources. The group is one of many that will be providing whatever assistance they can in Texas.

“They know they've lost everything, in some cases people have lost loved ones,” said Garrett.

The organization has 3,000 volunteers in Arkansas.

“This has the potential to rival Hurricane Katrina because of the population in Houston and the low laying land," Garrett said. "It's going to be a major disaster, or already is."

Arkansas Baptist State Convention was on hand for assistance during Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. Volunteers with the group were also here in Arkansas when a devastating tornado ripped through the town of Vilonia.

Volunteers aren't sure what conditions will look like when they arrive, but they're prepared.

"These are some of our small cooking appliances, everything we use is commercial grade,” said Garrett pointing towards pots and pans on a large 18 wheeler. The feeding unit can serve up to 30,000 meals a day.

“We also have, which is great because during Katrina we didn't have a lot of them, shower and laundry units,” he added.

When they get to Houston, volunteers will assess what needs to be done. This will help determine how many teams are needed.

“We'll probably have a geographic area," he said. "We'll go in and do the feeding, the recovery, and everything else needed to do in that area."

Arkansas Baptist State Convention wants you to know that donations are needed, but clothes are not. The group has no way to transport those items to people who are stranded.

If you want to help, monitory donations are the way to go as the group can get discounts on things needed in large bulk. If you want to donate to their cause, click here.