LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Millions of people across the United States are getting their taxes late this year and they want to know why.

Sean McCree said he would normally get his tax return back in two weeks after filing, but that was not the case this year.

“I was so worried I had to pray yesterday, I really had to pray, I was like Lord you got to release this money,” McCree said.

He said as the weeks went by, he grew more and more worried. So worried in fact that he called his accountant.

“She said, 'Well, yours had taken action on it,'" he recalled. "I didn't know what take action meant.”

McCree put in multiple calls to the IRS, but couldn't get through. McCree who rely on each paycheck to get them through the month. Without that tax return money, many families in Arkansas are suffering.

We've had several viewers call in the past weeks as well as send emails asking why their taxes are so late. So, we took your questions and asked a professional.

Jim Williams, president of Arkansas Select Tax Services, said Congress passed a law in 2015 in regards to tax returns called the Path Act. That act protects Americans from tax hikes.

“It is a mechanism they have put in place that delays tax refunds and refundable tax credits with regards to the income tax credit and the child tax credit,” he said.

Williams said if you have these refundable credits in your tax returns your return will likely be delayed.

“That's mandated by Congress that they could not be released until February 15th,” Williams explained.

This delayed period gives the IRS time to review those credits and check for potential fraud. Until then, all you can do is file your return and wait your turn.

If you have other questions you can contact the IRS, but they are pretty backed up right now so it's hard to get through. Contacting your local IRS office and making an appointment might be the better choice.