LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- The chance to display their talents to a national stage is the opportunity of a lifetime for any chef.

That opportunity recently became a reality for three chefs from central Arkansas who are getting their shot in the spotlight on the Food Network.

Amanda Ivy may have six years of professional experience under her belt, but she has had a love for cooking her entire life.

“I really feel like it’s an art form,” said Ivy.

A full-time sous chef at Old Mill Bread in Little Rock, Ivy is getting ready to serve a much bigger crowd.

Ivy, along with well-known Arkansas chef Donnie Ferneau and his wife Meaghan, are one of seven teams of food truck novices taking part in this this season of The Great Food Truck Race on the Food Network.

“When we first found out about the show I was like food truck race? I don't do food trucks. I love food trucks, but I don't want to work in a food truck. Being 6'4" and 230 pounds I don't really fit it one, but then they said we could win $50,000 and I was like ‘OK I guess I like food trucks,’” said Donnie Ferneau.

The trio, on board their food truck called The Southern Frenchie, has the challenge of cooking and selling their dishes each week with the least successful team heading home.

“There is one other team that kind of specialized in southern stuff, so it did give us a little bit of an advantage. We were traveling the south and specialized in southern food and what better place to do that than in the south?” said Meaghan Ferneau.

“It was incredibly surreal. You kind of go through school, go through your career and you see these shows, but for me, I never really expected to do one,” said Ivy.

Season 8 of the Great Food Truck Race airs Sunday, August 20 at 8 p.m. on The Food Network. Make sure you tune in!