Little Rock, Ark. (KTHV) -- THV11 spoke with two couples, both trying to leave the Dominican Republic. Their wedding anniversary trips cut short.

For travel agents in Central Arkansas it's also been hectic.

The relaxing vacation Daniel and Heather Albright had originally planned for has now taken a back seat after evacuating the Dominican Republic Wednesday afternoon, according to Daniel.

"We're kind of going on the better safe than sorry," he said.

The couple from Heber Springs had planned to be in Punta Cana until Saturday, but their travel agency advised otherwise.

"Went ahead and booked a couple of flights earlier this week as a just in case we decided to take that opportunity," the couple said.

At Poe Travel in Little Rock, travel agents have been working around the clock to get clients out of harm’s way and rebook planned vacations. Deanna Ray from Little Rock was also on vacation in the Dominican.

"We had some panic moments thinking, what are we going to do,” she said. “We came to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary."

She and her husband decided to take their chance at the airport instead of evacuating with the resort.

"They shuttled all of the guests who could not get out or didn't have flight scheduled today to Santo Domingo which is two and a half hours from the resort where we were staying. We had to make the decision to risk it and go to the airport and hope that everything is ok or get on a bus and figure it out later," she said.

Wednesday afternoon Ray said, airport lines were long and flights oversold.

"So, they're asking for people to stay. I don't think anyone is taking them up on that offer," Ray said.