LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Farmers don't expect Tropical Depression Cindy to seriously impact their produce and livestock, but they are being advised to prepare for the wet weather.

The University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture is telling farmers to get their livestock to high ground and prepare crops for potential flash flooding.

Robby Bevis, a corn, rice, and bean farmer, is preparing by cleaning out ditches to make sure his crops don’t flood, but he said preparation is also about what he isn’t doing.

“Corn’s pretty susceptive right now with the ground soft and wet so they’ve held off on irrigating corn,” said Bevis. “Today we're going out and running drains and bean fields and making sure everything’s going to run off when it does rain."

Dr. Vic Ford with the U of A Division of Agriculture said weather like this is a "mixed blessing."

“This is a really critical time particularly in things like soybean and corn where they need the moisture this time of year," he said.

While it’s a good thing for some farmers, Ford is telling farmers to have alternate power sources. To rice farmers, he advised watching water levels and water flow so levees don’t brake. He also advised getting extra materials incase heavy winds cause damage.

“Moving cattle up from low areas to higher levels, checking poultry houses makes sure you’re prepared for a storm," said Ford.

Ford said these farmers have a big responsibility because how well they prepare can affect you too.

“We live in a state where agriculture is very important and although you may not be directly affected by agriculture, everyone eats three meals a day and we all have a stake in agriculture," said Ford.

Ford added that this is an important time of year for hay production. Heavy rain could delay production for farmers in the state.