LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Fans are gearing up for the highly anticipated Guns N' Roses concert coming to War Memorial Stadium on Saturday.

THV11 spoke with fans spanning multiple generations. They all said this is going to be one of the best concerts Arkansas has ever seen.

Mark Albert has been to 17 Guns N' Roses concerts over the years. He even saw them in 1987 when they were opening for Alice Cooper in Dallas. He's gotten backstage passes and met multiple band members personally.

"Meeting them back then was cool, but now they're more mellowed out," he said. "Back then anything could happen at any time with them."

Albert said he never thought they would come to Arkansas, but he has high hopes for the upcoming show.

"Production wise and definitely ticket wise, this is one of the biggest shows to hit Arkansas for sure," he said. "You just don't get bands with the originality they have and nowadays, other bands just don't live on like this."

The band certainly has a wide fan base filled with people of all different age groups. John Walls is in his early 30s and said he's been listening to the band for 20 years.

"I know every song and I listen to them all the time," he said. "My friends think I'm crazy, my wife thinks I'm crazy, and I just don't care."

He works at an Arkansas university and said he still sees college students coming in with Guns N' Roses shirts on. He expects younger people to be at the concert at War Memorial just like they were at the Guns N' Roses concert he attended just last week in St. Louis.

"My wife had gotten me the concert tickets for St. Louis and I was so excited because I had never seen them and it was a bucket list type thing," he said.

When he found out they were coming to Little Rock too, he decided he might as well just go to both! He said he's looking forward to an even more explosive show than he saw in St. Louis.

"The fireworks outside War Memorial are going to be beautiful and just crazy," he said. "I've seen what Razorback games are like here and I can only imagine what a Guns N' Roses concert will be like."

A marketing director for Verizon Arena said War Memorial's doors will open at 5 p.m. on Saturday and the opening act should begin around 6:30 p.m. Guns N' Roses should be ready to perform around 7:30 p.m.