NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Arkansans are stepping up to help with the flooding in Houston. 15 members of the Arkansas National Guard's 61st Civil Support Team left for Houston on Monday morning.

The flooding has become increasingly dangerous in Houston and that’s why members of the Texas National Guard called on Arkansas for special help.

Major William Phillips, State Public Affairs Officer for the Arkansas National Guard, said the crews are both anxious and excited to get to work and help people.

“With a storm of this magnitude, they need help because it’s kind of a Hurricane Katrina kind of thing,” said Williams. “The enormity of this thing, the scope of the thing, is so huge you have to ask for some assistance and that’s the reason we are heading down to help them out.”

Major Phillips said all the men and women heading to Houston all have something in common. They are all ready to go at the drop of a hat whenever someone calls and asks them for help. He referred to the team as the “best of the best.”

“They truly exemplify being always ready and always there for our organization,” said Phillips. “They really are some of the most highly trained individuals and very technical individuals that we have in the Arkansas National Guard.”

Their training and expertise are very specialized. These crews will be testing for chemicals and contaminants in the ground and water that could be harmful to anyone in the affected area. But, they are also ready to respond in other ways as needed.

“They're going to be doing high water rescues, traffic control points, and security missions just like we did during flooding in Pocahontas,” he said. “They're going to be providing the same kind of the support to the local agencies there.”

The crews will likely start their official mission on Wednesday or after the rain has subsided.