LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- If you love art and biking, you need to check out the artwork of Arkansas native, Amanda Willshire.

She incorporates bike parts into her art pieces.

“I love the smell of melting metal and the fact that I can melt two metals together and put them in whatever size or shape that I want to,” Wilshire said.

She's bringing "The Monarch and the Dandelions" to Bentonville this weekend. The piece will be installed across the street from Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.

“The wings are made out of hundreds of bike cassettes and cogs that I cut down and welded together to create the lacy parts of the wings,” she said.

Willshire said it's a surreal feeling having her art featured in the state she grew up in. Her first project in Bentonville can be found at the North Walton Boulevard trail.

“It's two eyes on either side of a bike tunnel, they're made of bottle caps and bike reflectors and salvage metals. It's called always a pupil because they constantly study the bikers and runners as they go by,” she said.

She said her art pieces mean a lot to her and she hopes they'll bring joy to her home state.

Willshire said we can be expecting to see more of her art in Arkansas in the near future. She couldn't tell me what the next piece is going to be because it's a secret but she says it's in the works!