LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- With a high number of murders and crime in Little Rock, there is a little bit of light in all the darkness.

“I was involved in drugs, gangs, and it introduced me to a horrible path,” said 27-year-old Trayvon Hughes. He talked about his life in Chicago and Arkansas and how he lived in a single parent home with eight kids…and becoming a product to the environment knowing that this is not how I want to spend the rest of my life.”

Hughes realized something needed to change.

“I was being taken away from the people I love and watching the people that I love, be taken away by the drugs, the violence, and the system. All the struggle is, is poetry. It's an art. In that struggle you have the power to artistically recreate your struggle or a better picture.”

He said he knows how important that is, especially with more than 40 murders in Little Rock halfway through the year.

“The blind leading the blind. It has to be somebody to stand up and say, ‘you know what, we have to make a change, a change for our community,’” said Hughes.

That is when the idea of Poetic Gods and Goddesses came up.

“We can give each other answers instead of running away from the problem, we can address it.”

“When you're dealing with art, it encompasses a lot of things. as far as voice, motion, movement, any type and number of avenues,” said Jackie Jackson, co-founder of Poetic Gods and Goddesses.

Hughes performs at the Rev Room in Little Rock, House of Poetry in Memphis and other places.

“I believe within this movement it can help the young men of this society as a whole,” said Hughes.

Hughes has more information on his Facebook Page and hopes starting his group poetic gods and goddesses can make a big impact.