With Halloween coming up in less than two weeks, CandyStore.com has compiled 10 years of sales data to determine the most popular Halloween candy in all 50 states.

Across America, there are some good treats representing different states. At least three states stay with the classic choice of Reese's. Other states favor more chocolatey treats like M&Ms and Twix, but in Arkansas our sweet tooth goes for something a little more fruity.

According to CandyStore, the Natural State enjoys sucking on Jolly Rancher! And it's no surprise either because the new marketing campaign behind the hard candy has led to a 10 percent increase in sales during its first 11 months.

But more surprising is that somehow Candy Corn topped the list for six states. We only have one question for those states and it's why? Why would you ever put that candy above anything?

Our untested theory? People are just buying candy corn because it's a candy that people buy during Halloween.

If you could eat more than four pieces of candy corn in one sitting, we applaud you. You have a stronger and spookier soul than us.