NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- In the past month there were six cases of a man assaulting, threatening or attacking women were reported to the Sherwood and North Little Rock police.

Investigators are still searching for him.

Bob Major has been walking the Mary Anne Salmon trail in North Little Rock for four years. He said since the incidents there haven't been many people out running.

“He's still out there and I know the police are working real hard to catch him,” Major said.

A few weeks ago North Little Rock police released sketches of the suspect. Thursday they announced a $5,000 reward for anyone with information leading to his arrest.

Sketches released by NLRPD, NLRPD

With the suspect still on the loose, Sgt. Keith Wilson with the Sherwood Police Department wants people to know some tips to keep themselves safe on the trails.

“Alternate your routes and also be careful when you post the running apps that show where you ran and how far you ran, people can watch that,” he said.

Wilson said when running make sure you always keep eye contact with the people you pass.

“They know you've already seen what they look like and have a description of them and just that mere fact will sometimes prevent them from,” Wilson said.

Also, only listen to your music with one ear piece in so you can hear your surroundings- and always run in the middle of the trail.

“There's a pretty good gap between the woods and the road as it is but it'll give you a little bit more reaction time,” he said.

A few other tips; take your cell phone, always walk with a partner if you can, and make sure someone knows where you are and how long you should be there. If you recognize this man, call police.