LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- AT&T is boosting its coverage at Riverfest this year.

AT&T is implementing both permanent and temporary network coverage solutions at the Riverfront Park area. They will be bringing in tow Cell on Wheels, enhancing the Distributed Antenna System, and keeping AT&T network personnel on site.

The Cell on Wheels are equipped with high-capacity, multi-beam antennas. These will provide extra coverage and capacity, even with a large crowd.

The enhanced Distributed Antenna System will "provide extra cellular capacity and shorten the distance a call or text must travel," according to AT&T.

"These enhancements will give customers faster and more reliable connections, and boost capacity by 50%, helping ensure that AT&T customers are able to share their favorite moments through texts, tweets, and many selfies," AT&T said in a released statement.