BAUXITE, Ark. (KTHV) -- Tuesday morning in the neighborhoods of Bauxite, a strange van attempted to steal people's dogs, but Bauxite doesn’t have animal control.

Mayor Bill Russell said the van was white and had green lettering that read "animal control" on it. Russell said they had a flashlight trying to look for the dogs to coax them into the van.

Adam Kampbell lives in the area and his two dogs stay outside on his porch. Kampbell’s wife and kids came within feet of the man driving the van.

“When she came home from the store, she was unloading groceries out of her car," said Kampbell. "She made a trip in and came back and made another trip, and then when she came back out, there was a white van in the driveway.”

Kampbell said when the man saw his wife he got back in his van and drove off. He said it’s an uneasy feeling for his family and people living in the neighborhood

“I don't like it that there's someone out running around these streets trying to harm people and their animals.”

Russell said this isn't the first time dogs have disappeared in Bauxite.

“About a year ago, I got word that some people’s dogs had come up missing. There were some smaller dogs and some bigger dogs [that went missing].”

Russell said he has his suspicions on why this pattern of missing dogs continues: dog fights. He encourages people to be on the lookout from now on.

"Keep your dogs locked up and keep an eye on them.”

Russell said no dogs were taken that he knows of this morning. If you see an animal control van you think is suspicious, call police.