AUGUSTA, Ark. (KTHV) -- Flooding hit other parts of the state including areas in Augusta and along Highway 33 south, just passed Gregory.

“They predicted it at 37.4 then now it's at 38,” said Art Preller, whose home was surrounded by water.

Art Preller was closely watching water levels in the White River in August, but now his home is underwater. He has to take a boat just to get there.

“Furniture and everything else, you lose, but at least you're okay,” he said.

Living here his entire life, he said he's used his boat a handful of times in recent years because of flooding. Others in town noticed the high waters too.

“You got people driving over these bridges and water. I wouldn't go through it if I were them,” Preller said.


One road is completely underwater. Homeowners have parked their cars in one area of the road that isn’t underwater because they can't drive to their homes. They park cars and take their boats across the water.

“From yesterday evening to now there's even more water here now than it was then,” said Helen Emerson, who lives in Augusta.

The levee break in Pocahontas may not help the situation either.

“It's all spreading down,” said Preller.

But for now, Art hopes the river dies down so he can eventually move back in.

“We'll probably move back in another 6 months from now,” he said.

Highway 33 South near Gregory is open, but drivers are advised to use caution while crossing the roads.