Be aware of your surroundings this holiday season, including at the gas pump.

After several purse snatchings at gas stations around central Arkansas, lots of women are being more careful, especially when alone.

Last Friday, two different incidents happened at two different Kroger stations. One on Cantrell Road in Little Rock and another on John Kennedy Boulevard in North Little Rock.

While police aren’t sure if they’re related, this proves you can never be too careful.

"I do have a concealed carry. I try to be aware of my surroundings at all times,” said Arlene Jones.

This time of year brings more than just holiday cheer.

Car break-ins, home burglaries and purse snatchers are all things to be mindful of around the clock.

“Honestly I really don't think about it here, but probably should a little bit more,” Annie Decoursey said.

Just last week, a woman had her purse snatched at the Kroger gas station on Cantrell while at the soda machine. She turned around to lock her car and a man was inside her vehicle.

"I always lock my car when I come get gas. I have my credit card, my Kroger card, and keys. So, if you're going to get in you'll have to break glass,” said Mary Lofton.

At the station on JFK, a woman noticed her purse was missing from the front seat after pumping gas. Her doors were unlocked.

"I think the main thing is that you have to be aware of your surroundings and I know when you're busy and have children its difficult. You've got a thousand things going on at once. But now days you have to be cautious,” Jones added.

While scary, some women now just expect this to happen.

“The way our world is now, it doesn't get better. So, you have to change your way of thinking,” Lofton said.

But that fact isn't stopping them from taking precaution.

"I also have two big giant German Shepherds that I carry with me most of the time, but this time I didn't. It was too warm for them,” Jones said.