BEEBE, Ark. (KTHV) -- When was the last time you got pulled over? One school teacher in Beebe got something a little different than most after seeing those flashing blue lights.

David Dodge is just one of many people Officer Bryan Hightower has stopped for doing the right thing. Following the law always pays off.

"I started getting my driver license out my wallet, thinking I must've did something,” said Dodge.

But little did he know, he did nothing at all. Hightower told us Dodge paused at a stop sign, used his turning light, and had on his seat belt. Sounds normal right?

"If I have extra bucks laying around I'll go out and get gift cards,” Hightower said.

For the past few years, he's been treating his community with gift cards from Sonic, when the situation allows.

“He gave me a Sonic gift card and said why don't you go have a slushy on us today for doing what you're supposed to do,” said Dodge.

“The mood lightens up a little bit once they realize they aren’t in trouble,” Hightower said with a laugh.

It’s his way of shining a positive light on the department and community policing. He thinks it’s important to keep a good relationship with those he protects and serves.

“What I enjoy about the whole thing is getting to mess with people a little bit. They're trying to figure out why I stopped them,” Hightower said.

Dodge shared his experience on Facebook and has received thousands of likes, hundreds of comments, and endless positive feedback.

"Yes, they're out there to give us tickets when we're not following the laws but they also want to reward people when they're doing the right thing,” said Dodge.