HOT SPRINGS, Ark. (KTHV) -- Heading out on for a night on the town typically includes a stop at one of several craft brewing operations in Arkansas. As tourism has seen an uptick in Hot Springs, that beer trend is picking up in the Spa City.

It comes as hotels are being renovated and businesses are being bought up by the bunch. You can feel a buzz on Central Ave., with beer at the center of it all.

On one end of famed Bathhouse Row is Superior Bathhouse and Brewery. They led the way in bringing craft beer to Hot Springs. Now others are getting into the spirit.

"There's a lot of stuff going on down here in this neighborhood,” said Amber Henson, with Hot Springs Realty. "It really kind of went first to Little Rock and has moved over here. I think our locals want it because they don't have to drive to Little Rock to have it and our tourists want it because it's something different for downtown that they can walk in and do."

Downtown Hot Springs

She is helping bring another brewer to town as the craze spreads south from Superior. Her latest sale is 833 Central Ave., just down from the Malco Theater. It will soon house Core brewing, a Springdale based small-scale distillery that is expanding to 10 locations. This will be their latest Core Public House.

"They're ready to go and start the demolition and open as soon as possible,” Henson said.

Core plans a small pilot brewing operation to start off the Hot Springs location. Permits are expected to be approved this week. She has been busy moving property in Hot Springs.

"In the past six months there have been seven properties changing hands down here,” she said. “Just in this block and up Chapel street there's been a lot of things going on."

And with Superior at one end, and other spots like a permanent home for Bubba’s Brews along the way, beer fans will have a trendy pub crawl very soon.

"Because it will connect Superior with them down here so you'll have it on the opposite end all the way to down here,” Henson said.

It's quickly becoming apparent the city you once came to for the baths you now come to for the brews.