LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) – A local music venue teamed up with a Little Rock non-profit to get people to donate items to help the homeless population in Texas.

The Revolution Room in downtown Little Rock put on a night of EDM music to raise money and donations for The Van. The Van is leaving Wednesday for Houston to deliver a truck load of items to hand out to those who were already without a home.

"They need help just like anyone else you know," Executive Director of The Van Aaron Reddin said.

Aaron Reddin came up with the idea to go down last week and said he has since collected hundreds of items.

"We want to make sure they got some stuff that they need to get leveled out as best as they can as well," he said.

Not only did people drop off items for the poor, they also donated items for pets, too.

"I just wanted to help and do a small part," Donator Kelly Ransom said. "I just talked to friends and clients and just got them to leave bags of dog food and food and water on their door step and I went around town and picked them up."

Reddin said the biggest donation The Van needs right now is men's pants and men's shoes. The Van teamed up with the Rev Room Friday night to bring awareness to The Van's mission and encouraged people to donate and stop by for a night of music.

"The main point is to bring the goods so that Aaron and all the guys can distribute the goods to all our brothers and sisters in Texas," Rev Room coordinator Mike Brown said.

While dark days still lie ahead for Texas, people like Reddin hope they can bring a little more light.

“When you're already down, you don't have a house to repair, you don't have an insurance check coming. You don't have any of those things. And everything that you do have has likely been swept away or ruined,” Reddin said.

If you would like to make a donation to The Van, you can drop off goods at 8016 Faulkner Lake Road.