BENTON, Ark. (KTHV) - Powerful Storms moved across Arkansas over the weekend and hundreds of people are without power in the city of Benton.

Benton police say power outages are known to lead to looting out of homes and cars and they’re hoping to get in front of that problem before it starts.

“It was a really significant event for us and for everyone here," said Captain Kevin Russell. "We had countless trees that went down all over the city. There were several trees that went in people homes and crossed power lines.”

Benton police are working overtime to make sure they keep those areas safe.

“We had countless officers that we had to call out that night to help secure the power lines and the roadways to make sure that people were safe,” he said.

The department has officers patrolling both on foot and in cars. They say places without power are more susceptible to potential thieves.

"We have a concentrated area out in those neighborhoods without power, looking for anyone that might be out doing any kind of criminal activity,” Russell said.

He said they’re keeping the neighborhoods safe until they're out of the dark.

“We will be conducting extra patrols throughout these areas that don't have power until their power is restored in the next few days,” said Russell.

Benton Utilities say their crews are working to fix these outages as fast as they can, you can keep up with the areas restored and those still without power on their Facebook page.