BENTON, Ark. (KTHV) -- Benton police are trying to keep accidents “Below 100” this month.

Benton police know the area is growing and with growth, comes more cars on the roads which leads to more accidents. During the month of March, they want to keep the number of accidents they respond to at 99 or less.

“Just the other day driving from Benton to Bryant there were like three accidents in the morning," said Nicole Davis who lives in Benton.

Benton Police are taking extra effort to make their presence known on the roads.

"We're in the neighborhoods, we're in those high traffic areas showing our presence to get people to slow down and pay attention," said Sgt. Quinton Jackson with the Benton Police Dept.

Their goal isn’t to handout more tickets, it’s to reduce accidents. So they're reaching drivers on social media; posting safety tips, traffic laws, and warnings daily. They're also cracking down on speeding, drunk driving, no seatbelts and distracted driving.


"We've even pulled over an individual before because they were watching a movie on their iPhone. That’s not okay," said Sgt. Quinton.

They work a noticeably high number of accidents at yield signs.

"They rear end each other because they think the vehicle in front of them has gone on," said Sgt. Quinton.

It's drivers not paying attention, but hopefully paying attention to the message police are sending.

“When you see a cop on the side of the road, everyone just slows down real slow," said Davis.

The mission of 99 accidents or less for this month is ambitious. The average number of accidents Benton police have worked since October is 133 accidents a month.