LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- There's a short timeline for new construction on Cantrell Road. The Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department has heard your frustrations about traffic in West Little Rock and they're doing something about it!

If you travel frequently on Cantrell or Rodney Parham Road and take Highway 10 during your daily commute then you've probably already seen the construction. Soon there will be a new on ramp for I-430 North in hopes of relieving some traffic. The community can expect this project to be completed by the end of this year.

"At first I didn't know what was going on,” said Jason Allen.

Allen works in the Pleasant Ridge Town Center. He’s only lived in Arkansas for about a year but said he’s all too familiar with traffic frustrations.

"The population has changed and the traffic has gotten a lot heavier,” Robert Forsythe said.

He also works in the popular shopping center on Cantrell Road and has lived in the Natural State for over 50 years. Fortunately for them, and everyone else, daily drive on Cantrell just possibly got a little easier.

"It'll be a little hectic for probably a year or 18 months, but everything has to change for the positive,” said Forsythe.

By the end of 2017 drivers can expect to enjoy major changes in the West Little Rock area.

"What started last week was a project that will add a new onramp to I-430 north bound from Cantrell,” said Danny Straessle with the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department.

"Waiting for it to get done, that's going to be the hard part,” Allen said.

Those who live and work on Cantrell Road welcome the change with open arms.

"I think the state does a pretty good job at planning. There are some other areas in town that are a problem,” said Forsythe.

Residents also said that traffic doesn't seem to favor morning or evening hours, but has a steady and busy flow all day long.

“It may be worth it once they get done with it, hopefully,” Allen said.

Also, last Thursday the highway department held a public involvement meeting to hear feedback on the Highway 10 Corridor. Construction for that project won’t start until around year 2020.

“It’s the area between Pleasant Valley Drive and State Highway 300,” said Straessle.

Changes will be similar to the Big Rock Interchange where Financial Centre Parkway was moved up and over Shackleford Road.

"By taking Cantrell over and up Rodney Parham, folks on Cantrell don't have to stop for Rodney Parham,” he added.

The highway department is currently working to decide between a spui or a single point urban interchange. If you weren’t able to attend the meeting last week and have input, there's a 15 day comment period open right now. Click here for details.