LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - New legislation has been filed to put an end to puppy mills in Arkansas.

The bill's sponsor, Representative Jim Sorvillo (R-Little Rock), said he hopes that if the bill passes, puppy mills will be driven out of the state because they're not going to make any more money in the Natural State.

This legislation calls for the creation of a registry system for people selling animals. It requires information like the names, facility locations, and the number of pets for each breeder. Also, it calls for a certificate of health for the animals.

Sorvillo said the registration number and identification will help market the fact that people should not buy an animal at random. The goal is that people will find breeders who went through the process and are legitimate.

The bill also prohibits the sale of animals in certain locations like flea markets and the side of the road. Sorvillo thinks the legislation will instruct people on the importance of going to a facility to see what the conditions are like for the animals.

The Humane Society of Pulaski County is hoping the conversation will move beyond the walls of the State Capitol. They’re reaching out through social media asking people to voice support of the bill. They shared a Facebook post asking people to reach out to their legislators for support.

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“It’s very simple to share our post and to sign petitions out there,” said Troy Brazile, Board Member for the Pulaski County Humane Society. “Any way to communicate to lawmakers that this is something important, will hopefully get the message across and make this Arkansas law.”

The bill has been sent to the House committee on agriculture, forestry, and economic development.