BRINKLEY, Ark. (KTHV) -- Dash camera video was released Monday afternoon showing an Arkansas state trooper and a Brinkley police officer pulling the Brinkley Police chief over for speeding and then letting him go without a ticket. The state trooper can be heard in the video stating that the chief was traveling at a top speed of 107 miles per hour.

Police Chief Ed Randle said he was speeding. but he denies going 107 miles-per-hour.

“I may have been going a little over the speed limit, but I wasn't going too fast,” said Randle.

He claimed his truck does not allow him to go past 95 miles-per-hour.

“It could be a malfunction in the radar. It could be a number of things; I don't know.”

Randle said it's up to the officer to issue a ticket.

The Mayor of Brinkley said he just heard about the incident Monday afternoon, and he's not sure what charges if any will be made.

“One thing I will be asking for is an investigation,” said Mayor Billy Hankins. He said he wants to be fair and wait until after the investigation for further action.

“I do not feel like it warrants putting him on administrative leave until I see the results of this investigation.”

Hankins did say he expects all laws to be abided by and enforced no matter the situation.

“My police officers as well as everyone that works for the city of Brinkley, we are a role model for our city--on the job and off the job.”

Hankins and the city attorney said they don't expect this investigation to take long.

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