LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Tuesday is a big day for those following the Broadway bridge progress.

10 a.m. Tuesday, the historic Broadway bridge steel arch will be imploded.

Contractors have already torn quite a bit of the bridge down. The concrete deck has been removed and all that is left are the arches.

They will be detonating what are called "cutting charges."

These charges will sever the steel at strategic locations and cause the arch to fall into the river.

Contractors have already been working throughout the weekend to get this ready to go, and they made several cuts to get this arch down easier.

Danny Straessle with the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department said not to be alarmed if you hear a loud bang before the arch falls into the river.

The bridge coming down is a historic moment, especially for people in North Little Rock.

I spoke with North Little Rock Mayor, Joe Smith who said he is excited, but has mixed emotions about the bridge coming down for good.

"It's a melancholy type feel that the bridge for 93 years is now going to be gone. I have mixed emotions about it, but I am glad that the construction company has gotten to it so quickly and now maybe the six months will be shortened," said Smith.

Tuesday's detonation will not be the only one this week. They'll have detonations for the three concrete arches later this week. Those times have not been announced.

They expect the new bridge to be completed by March 29.