BRYANT, Ark. (KTHV) - Bryant residents say they’re fed up with storm damage wrecking their homes and their lives.

Many community members said they've lost thousands of dollars to flooding and they can't afford to keep making repairs and if they city doesn’t help out they say they’re moving out.

One woman said she can’t afford constant repairs being a single woman on a fixed income. Another woman claimed her house has flooded three times in the last 15 years and the city’s last storm was the worst yet.

Constant ditch flooding was one of the big problems everyone at the meeting seemed to have experienced.

We visited one man’s home and he showed ditches full of debris, pallets and trees. He said he's been getting after the city for a long time to clean the ditches out, but they still haven’t.

Residents say they want help and they want it now, saying some help is better than no help.

Mayor of Bryant, Jill Dabbs, gave out her personal cell phone number during the meeting and said she will get to everyone’s concerns as fast as she can.

As for now, city leaders will start making a priority list and focus on the worst areas first.