BRYANT, Ark.(KTHV) - Steady growth in enrollment over the past several years in the Bryant School District has led school officials to seek a millage increase.

Ahead of the millage vote, parents and community members were invited to take a tour of those outdated facilities that the Bryant School District is wanting to replace.

In a walk through campus Bryant High School student Julia Knall pointed out challenges she faces every day.

"I think we've done the best with what we have, but we're really, really pushing it," Knall said. "Classes are getting bigger, the facilities are getting worse and worse. "

Knall is a senior at the school. She's an editor of the school newspaper and a member of the high school band. She's concerned that if this millage fails what other potential cuts the school district will have to make.

"It was heartbreaking after the last one failed. That was my sophomore year and that's affected the rest of my high school career," she said. "We had to move off of block scheduling, I had to drop some classes I was really excited about taking."

Due to the lack of cafeteria space, high school students are spread out over three lunch periods. For students like Marvin Moody that means splitting class time.

"I go to class for 23 minutes, I leave that class come to lunch and I go back for another 30 minutes or so," Moody said.

If passed, the millage will fund the construction of two new elementary schools and a junior high. The district also will build a fine arts building and a high school cafeteria and create a three-year salary plan to recruit and retain teachers.

Knall hopes it passes for future generations.

"I have a little sister, she's going to be in seventh grade. I want the facilities to be there for her, but also Bryant itself is just such a great community," she said.

The special election will take place on March 14. Early voting begins on Tuesday, March 7.