BRYANT, Ark. (KTHV) - If you live in the Bryant area get ready to take some notes!

Cities outside of Little Rock have been growing at high rates and Bryant is one city people are flocking to.

City officials have created a very detailed survey for their residents to answer. With a total of about 11 questions, it touches on everything from infrastructure to education.

“We're going to continue being responsive to this growth,” said Mayor Jill Dabbs.

"I think a lot of local small businesses would add a 'Jana Sequa' to the area,” said Fran Miceli, co-owner of Luigi’s Pizza and Pasta in Bryant.

The city is looking towards the future.

"I implemented this survey a few years ago, just to see where we're at and what the citizens of Bryant wanted, expected, and what their concerns were so that it could help guide our decisions as a city,” Dabbs said.

Bryant has millions of dollars towards street improvements under the way right now according to Dabbs, and the Arkansas Highway Department also is working on an expansion that will start soon.

“We should be comparing ourselves as a region, we aren't competing locally," she said. "We are competing on a regional basis."

The survey talks about quality of life, transportation in and around Bryant, as well as the business community.

“My parents lived in Hot Springs Village and we own this business, they asked me to come run it with them,” said Miceli.

She’s only lived in the area for about a year, but appreciates that the city cares to know how residents feel.

"To me the most concerning question was growth in the town. Things are growing very fast here, which is a good thing. I'm just a little concerned about the schools being over populated,” Miceli said.

Dabbs thinks feedback the city received a few years ago around 2013 was very responsive.

If you live in the Bryant area and want to have a look at the survey, click here.