Many people are upset after the Cabot Dog Park Facebook page posted an image reminding people of the pit bull ban within city limits.

The dog park page posted an image (seen below) saying that it's unlawful for any pit bull to be inside city limits.

The page said that pit bulls and pit mixes are not allowed inside the park even if no other dogs are present. The image said that violation of this ordinance would mean that the animal would be "seized" and that "the dog could be destroyed."

Many people responded negatively to the post in the comments, saying they would never go to the dog park again.

"Since when is it okay to discriminate?" one commenter asked. "May as well ban humans from the dog park considering humans are the sole reason why this is even an issue."

In response to many of the comments, the page's administrator simply said: "No Pit Bulls is the law in Cabot for many years."

The picture used a screenshot of the Cabot Police Department's Facebook page, but the department said the image was created without their authorization. They directed any of the complaints or issues with the flyer back to the Cabot Dog Park page.

Cabot Parks and Recreation is not affiliated with the Facebook page.