CABOT, Ark. (KTHV) -- The Cole family from Cabot thought they were going to get some rest and relaxation on their vacation to Turks and Caicos, but Hurricane Irma had other plans.

Lindsey Cole and her family had saved up to take a dream vacation to Turks and Caicos.

"Had this planned for well over a year," Lindsey said.

A few days into their vacation Lindsey said they were suddenly told to evacuate or ride out the storm.

"Even when we were there it was not where we even could enjoy ourselves because we were constantly trying to get out of there,” she said. "We were just trying to get anywhere, we were just trying to get to the states. We didn't care where we were going. Just trying to get back to the United States."

After 24 hours on the phone and online, the family heard that Jet Blue had opened up flights from the island. When they boarded their flight on Wednesday they had no idea how they were going to get back to Little Rock according to Lindsey.

"It costs over $4,000 just to get from the island just to New York. For us not to know where we were going or how we were going to get back here," she said.

After 19 hours of travel the Cole's and their two daughters finally arrived at the Little Rock Airport early Thursday morning.

"My mom met us at the airport with our baby, she was so excited to see us. It was a moment of we could finally breathe that we were here and we felt safe," Lindsey said.

Now the family is trying to get their original flight refunded to help offset some of those costs.