CABOT, Ark. (KTHV) -- Tis the season of high school and college graduations. The Cabot High School graduation isn't until Friday night, but close to 300 of the 700 graduates put on their caps and gowns early, so they could do something special for school employees.

Before they receive their diplomas, these Cabot seniors delivered diplomas of their own. Life impact diplomas were given to any Cabot school employee who had impacted these student's lives.

Blakely Moore chose her biology teacher.

“I remember getting my sophomore schedule and not being excited starting my morning off with a core class,” Moore said.

Ms. Whisker and the rest of the class were brought to a brief halt by gratitude. These diplomas become defining moments.

“It just kind of says yeah this is why I do it,” Ms. Whisker said.

Seniors can do this for administrators, cafeteria workers, and some have been known to go all the way back to kindergarten teachers.

Andre Scott chose the four teachers in his Medical Academy classes. Only two were available, but that was good enough.

"I hope you remember me forever because I'll remember you," Scott said.

Flowers were optional, but hugs weren’t.

“I had a huge impact on him but he's had a huge impact on my life as well as a teacher,” Ms. Rich said.

Montanna Albay went straight to her English teacher Ms. Kester.

How many times have you wondered with all the finger pointing that goes on in education these days, why do teachers do it? Moments like this are why.