CABOT, Ark. (KTHV) – Three Cabot students have been arrested in the past week and three other cases are being referred for criminal charges.

Thursday, Cabot Police Officers and Firefighters responded to a threat that had been written on a bathroom stall at Cabot Junior High School South.

"They had firefighters and cops searching the building," said 8th grader Haley Elliott. "I didn't really think someone would do that in 7th or 8th grade."

The student that wrote the threat was arrested and charged with two counts of communicating a false alarm, which is a Class D Felony.

"They didn't know how much trouble they could get into for that, but it was very serious," said Elliott.

This was the second threat reported in a week at this school, according to a Facebook post by the Cabot Police Department. Another student was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct for making threatening statements at school.

"Any threat to a school in Cabot we take very seriously. Cabot is known as one of the best school districts in the state and we take pride in that," said Sergeant Shane Moore with Cabot Police.

At the Cabot Freshman Academy, a student was arrested for possession of a BB gun at school. The student had the gun at school during the school day, according to police.

The Prosecuting Attorney’s Office is also being sent three other cases that are being referred for criminal charges. These cases involve threatening statements made either at school or on social media.

"These kids need to know that this is an adult situation they're putting themselves into and we will treat them as adults," said Sergeant Moore.

We reached out to the school district, but they are not releasing a statement at this time.