CABOT, Ark. (KTHV) -- Getting ready for back to school had a different look in Cabot Wednesday.

Hundreds of school nurses are receiving police tourniquet training aimed to save lives. With serious injuries that involve bleeding, the wounded can die in a matter of minutes. When students head back to class in Central Arkansas on Monday, their school nurses will have new tools on how to stop the bleed.

Officer Henry Moore with LRPD SWAT said lessons learned in trauma hospitals and in combat have convinced many in the medical community that we all need to be trained to use tourniquets.

"It empowers them, because an adult person can bleed to death in about three minutes, so the response time for law enforcement and fire and police can be much greater than that," Officer Moore said.

The Stop the Bleed campaign is a new program for school nurses in Central Arkansas. It’s teaching them how to stop bleeding in emergency situations.

"We've never had a training like this. Today, is the first day. For years we were taught that we never use a tourniquet, that it's a last resort," said Cabot School District Nursing Supervisor Vonda Morgan.

The district has a school nurse at all 19 of their campuses. Morgan said injuries can happen anywhere.

"To be prepared for the unknown. We never know what's going to happen. Anything can happen to a student and we want to be prepared to stop the bleed before we get emergency care there," she said.

The trauma kits equip school nurses with tools to stop the bleeding, even before emergency workers can get in. They include gauze, tourniquets and other materials.

"This is going to be a first line of defense to be attempt to save a life while we have emergency care coming," she said.

The bleeding control kits will be placed in all the schools that received the training. The kits were paid for through a grant from Arkansas Children's Hospital and the Department of Health.