LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - 200 people attended Cammack Village’s second annual Family/Pup Fun Run. The event wasn’t your average 5K. It was an opportunity to introduce people to the community in hopes of encouraging new families to make it their home.

Race organizer Cody Kees said the entire race ran through the Cammack Village neighborhood. He said it gave people the opportunity to see what Cammack has to offer.

“We want people to see the new construction along with the beautiful houses that are already there,” said Kees. “We hope that as people ran though, they were encouraged to join the pool or even move here.”

Kees said new construction will do a lot for the area.

“We’re seeing a lot of rental houses get upgrades and refurbished while older homes are completely rebuilt,” Kees said.

Another reason for this big event was to help fund the Cammack Village pool. Organizers said it isn’t easy to keep the pool open. So, with summer ending they wanted a final push to let people know the pool is open to the entire surrounding community.

Cammack Village Mayor, Dave Graf, said keeping the community pool is a necessity because it helps connect the community. It will also help bring in more families and show them it’s a fun, safe neighborhood.

“One thing that ties our entire community together is our police department and we love our police,” said Graf. “This event helped to bring in money for the pool and for security.”

Beverly Florida has lived in the Cammack Village for 20 years. She said she loves the community because of the safety and the people who live there. She said for the community to keep growing, they do need more young families to make Cammack “home.”

“The people here are so friendly and it’s such a tight knit group where everyone helps everyone,” she said. “We try to encourage people to move here because it is such an unusual atmosphere you can’t find in other places.”

Organizers hope to bring the event back next year following this year’s success.