LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Preparations are in full swing for the Central High School 60th Anniversary Celebration.

The school is undergoing a little face lift to put its best face forward next weekend.

"It's this 90 year old school, of course there's always going to be a need somewhere here or there,” explained Stephanie Jackson, a member of the Central High 60th Committee.

The 60th Anniversary of the Central High Integration is a four day celebration happening across the city Friday, September 22 through Monday, September 25 with a grand finale featuring Former President Bill Clinton and the Little Rock 9.

"When you think about what happened in 1957, it really helps put in perspective how far our community has come. Of course Little Rock isn't a perfect community, there isn't a perfect community. That does not exist. But this is an opportunity for blacks, whites, Latinos, Asians, to come together and really help celebrate that we are; while we are diverse in skin tones, we really are all the same,” Jackson said about the timeliness of the event.


One permanent reminder of the progress made since 1957, is a new statue that will be placed on the school grounds Friday, September 23.

"When you think about another structure on the grounds of our public landmarks, this is going to be a reminder of what it means for people to come together and really show what individuals can do, the power of individuals working together to complete something,” said Jackson.

Another exciting aspect of the 60th anniversary celebration is the fact that any day now we are expecting that President Trump will sign a bill into law that will make these seven houses across the street from the school part of the National Park. Hotels are booked and parking is going to be tight.

For a full list of events and information like where to park, click here.