LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) – According to Little Rock police, a Central High School student allegedly robbed two fellow students of chips and candy at gunpoint on Wednesday.

School resource officers were contacted around noon by one of the students who stated that he and another student were robbed at gunpoint by another student. Police say that the incident took place on 1400 South Schiller Street, not on school campus.

The students were selling candy and chips when the suspect approached them to buy some. He then displayed a gun and told them to get on the ground. He told them that he would "blow their f*****g heads off" as he took off with the candy and chips.

When the suspect was asked about the accusations, he appeared "dumfounded." He was searched, and police found no evidence of weapons, chips or candy.

No chips, candy or weapons were found and no injuries were reported.

Robbery detectives were notified and advised they would follow up on a later date.