LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Nothing says fall in Arkansas like a visit to the pumpkin patch. But have you ever thought about why a pumpkin path? Just what's all the hype about anyway?

Halloween brings out the fun allowing you to be whoever or whatever you want to be. Connie Freeman Hinson is a two-year employee at Motley’s Farm, working throughout the season as a tour guide.

"I love working with the kids, and it brings out my personality. I am glad that they had me back this year," Hinson said. What other person would know best why so many people come out to the pumpkin patch. "It's the family fun, it's a great field trip for the kids it's something they get to look forward too," Hinson added.

We've all done it before. Taken a field trip out to the farm to pick that perfect pumpkin. Something Hinson said kids will remember. But just exactly why?

Over 6,000 kids is how many owner Jackie Green said have come out already. They are feeding animals, riding on the back of tractors and most importantly picking out that perfect pumpkin.

"People love to come to a pumpkin patch. It's a family experience it's just a time when people can spend two or three hours with their family enjoying the outdoors."

Jackie Green attended with his son for the second time. Each year for him gets bigger and better.

"The first time I came I came with my son, and now I am coming a second time with my son for his school field trip." Green said.

For the kids anything outside of being in school is a bonus and for adults spending family time goes down in the memory book, but for Hinson it gets emotional.

"I have been kind of emotional and teary eyed because I know that this is our last tours for the children." Hinson said.

As for me, it was an assignment, but I also got a chance to catch up with an old friend Kaleb Evans.