The City of Little Rock is offering up a $50,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the person behind the murder of a mother and her two children.

The Little Rock Police Department announced the reward Tuesday evening, which asks for information on the murders of Mariah Cunningham and her two children, Alayah and Elijah, on December 5.

Their bodies were found around 2 p.m. by Cunningham's grandmother, who was concerned for the children after they didn't arrive to school.

She told us that the 24-year-old mother of three quit school so she could take care of her own mother, who recently died of multiple sclerosis.

"Nothing that those children could have done would deserve being killed like that, and the mother either, to my knowledge," said Officer Steve Moore.

If you have any information on the murders, you are asked to contact 501-404-3125 or 501-371-4636 or 501-371-4660.