LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- The coffee businesses is booming and brewing in downtown Little Rock.

Manager of Blue Sail, Andy Pickle said, “we went from no coffee shops to we're about to have three here pretty quickly.”

There's Blue Sail on Main Street and there are two shops set to open within months on President Clinton Avenue; Nexus Coffee and Creative and Zeteo Coffee.


Pickle said he's excited to see Little Rock joining in on the specialty coffee trend, “when they see latte art in their cup for the first time they think it's amazing. It’s something they've never experienced before and when they experience espresso that isn't roasted really dark and they can taste the flavors they've never experienced before their eyes light up.”

Pickle said coffee brings people together and helps other local businesses in the downtown area, “something that creates community is coffee; people come around that all the time, whether they're getting coffee with friends or whether they're creating an idea. There's this huge void for people that needs to be filled whether that's by us or some of our other friends, I think the coffee boom is a need that's just being filled.”

Nexus Coffee & Creative is set to open this summer and Zeteo is set to open sometime in April. Also, Blue Sail would like everyone to know they are open on Saturdays.