WHITE HALL, Ark. (KTHV) – The White Hall community is rallying behind one special boy and his family’s dream of getting him a best friend on four legs.

Elijah, a four-year-old, was diagnosed with autism a year ago and since then his parents have been trying to bring home a service dog. The Fire and Iron Motorcycle club is hosting an event Saturday to raise money for Elijah and the cost of the dog.

“This event is important to have him get the tools he needs to have a productive life,” Woody Fowler said.

The service dog will help Elijah feel more comfortable.


"Most autistic children are not social. They don't play with other kids well," Elijah’s mother Sheri Allen said.

Hero will be the name of Elijah’s new furry friend.

“Elijah likes a movie called “Big Hero 6,” so that was meaningful to him and meaningful to us because he really likes that movie, and we’ve done a lot of watching that over and over again,” Allen said.

Hero will also help with everyday activities like shopping and going to sleep.

"If Elijah did get lost, the dog would be able to track and trail him,” Allen said.

The event will be hosted both outside and inside the White Hall Motor Sports center and the family hopes to raise $3,000. Although Hero is not with Elijah yet, his family is already excited about his future.

“We don’t want his special needs to hinder him and so we just feel like that this a tool that we can have for him to do whatever he dream of doing some day,” Allen said.

Saturday’s event will include games and fundraisers at the White Hall Motorsports Center in White Hall. Everybody is welcome to come.