CONWAY, Ark. (KTHV) -- The City of Conway wanted to change some of their standard speed requirements throughout the city, so they created an ordinance with new recommendations for the council to vote on. That ordinance was placed on the agenda for the October 25 city council meeting, but was quickly removed.

Aaron Knight, the deputy mayor for the City of Conway, said the council decided to pull the ordinance in order to get some additional information from people like police officers and members of the school system.

The goal of the ordinance was to make municipal speed limits in line with state limits for areas like school zones, churches, residential areas, and business districts.

Municipal limits in Conway haven’t been changed since 1928.

These speed limit inconsistencies created some confusion. People have called the city requesting more speed signs because they were confused about what that speed limits are. Knight said the new ordinance would have given some clarity when there is a conflict between municipal code and state law.

The new ordinance would also have grandfathered in current speed limit signs so that speed changes would have been set for newly constructed areas.

Although this ordinance was taken off the table for the council meeting, Knight said the city engineer staff and city attorney will examine feedback and revise a new ordinance to put on a future council agenda.

Until then, anyone is welcome to contact the mayor’s office with input on speed changes. When a new recommendation comes back to the council, there will also be an opportunity for public feedback at that time.

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