CONWAY, Ark. (KTHV) -- One thing that separates humans from dogs is their ability to be happy and sweet, despite being in excruciating pain. Matilda is no exception.

A Conway dog is getting a second chance at life after being found on the side of the road with a gruesome injury. THV11 was there as the dog came out of surgery.

"It's really kind of in a league of its own to be honest with you. It's not like anything I've seen,” explained Conway Animal Welfare Officer David Mitchell, talking about Matilda’s wound.

Tuesday morning, a Conway woman was on her way to work when she found Matilda walking down the road near highways 25 and 64. The dog had a severe gash on her back.

"It was probably a good foot long across the backside near the tail bone; maybe four or five inches wide, fairly straight across the back, with the spinal column a little exposed,” Mitchell said.

Matilda hopped right in the truck, tail wagging through the pain. But the City of Conway doesn't have funds allocated to treat emergency needs of pets, so they called the Friends of Conway Animal Shelter.

"I get a phone call, then I get a vote from our board, 'ok, it is going to cost x amount of dollars', and we have never said no. We always vote yes. Let's get her fixed, let's get her some help,” explained Friends of the Conway Animal Shelter President, Chris Quinn.

Matilda underwent a grueling surgery to seal the wound and drain the infection. Wednesday afternoon, all sutured up, Matilda was returned to her friends at the Animal Shelter.

Despite how gruesome her injuries are, and how awful she must feel, Matilda is just as sweet as can be, which makes the shelter believe she was probably a pet to someone at some point. But until the Shelter finds her forever home, they're in charge of the bills, which can really add up in a case like Matilda's.

"Right now, we are probably looking at $800 already. She will probably need some ongoing care. The drains are going to have to be taken out, she's going to have to have antibiotics,” Quinn said.

Friends of the Conway Animal Shelter has a donation link set up on their website. All funds go directly to Matilda and pets like her. Matilda's injuries don't appear to be from a car accident, but the vet wasn't able to determine what exactly cut her in such a straight line.

If Matilda's owners don't claim her, she will be up for adoption, but she won't be ready for at least another week. If you're interested in adopting Matilda, you can stop by the Conway Animal Welfare department and fill out an application.