LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Home security cameras are growing in popularity as they become more affordable and as crime continues to rise in Little Rock, but many people are installing or positioning them incorrectly.

That’s a big deal because police say that camera positioning can make or break catching criminals.

Sergeant Kevin Wilson with the Sherwood Police Department said more and more criminals are choosing to target homes in broad daylight. They often will knock on your door or ring your doorbell, hoping to find out if you're home. But, Wilson said they often scout neighborhoods first.

“The suspect is probably going to drive by so if we can catch them on video, that'll give us another clue we can use,” said Sgt. Wilson.

The problem is that most cameras aren't positioned in a way that makes that view possible. Wilson said you want the camera to be placed in a position where you are able to see the criminal’s face when they approach your door and you also want to see whatever is behind them whenever they're walking up and walking away. He said you should work with your neighbors to place cameras in a way that is beneficial for each other.

“If you put one of your cameras facing your neighbor’s house and they put one facing yours, now you've got some cross coverage,” he said.

He said more communities are working together and realize the advantage of cameras.

“A lot of times a victim might not have a camera on their house but one of their neighbors did and because of it, police were able to catch the suspect and part of the crime,” he said.

Whether your camera catches a crime that impacts your home or a neighbor’s home, the positive effects could deter suspects from coming back to your neighborhood.

“We’ve had several instances where criminals come back to the same neighborhood and break into other houses, so catching them will help prevent your house from being broken into,” said Sgt. Wilson.

Additionally, Wilson said he does not recommend relying solely on buying fake cameras to try and deter crime. He said that they do sometimes work but they aren't the most effective.

“An actual working camera is so inexpensive that you might as well get one that works and have that comfort,” he said.

He said that because of that affordability many are purchasing multiple cameras. He encourages cameras to be placed at your front door, your back door, and inside the house where you can see up and down the hallway. He also recommends getting a camera that records to an outside source like the cloud so if a camera is tampered with you still have the video.