MAUMELLE, Ark. (KTHV) - Maumelle Animal Services is warning residents to watch out for coyotes after a family reported that a coyote killed their dog and injured another.

Rita Cavenaugh, Supervisor of Animal Services, said they have received a few calls over the years about people spotting coyotes. She said that isn’t unusual because urban wildlife is common. She said that while coyotes mostly come out at night, it isn’t too unusual for people to see them during the day.

We reached out to the co-owner of the Country Club of Arkansas, Tim Jenkins, about the attack. He said he was shocked that something like that could have happened on the course.

“We have hundreds of Canadian geese out here and yet there’s not a feather in the fairway indicating that a coyote ever attacked a goose, which would be an easy target,” said Jenkins.

He's not convinced coyotes are a big issue in Maumelle or at his golf course. He said his staff and grounds keeper are often out while its dark and would have likely seen one already.

“Our grounds keeper hasn't seen a coyote in about a year and before that it had been about 6 years,” he said.

But a family that lives on the golf course claimed coyotes are a big problem in the area.

Their veterinarian told them it appeared a coyote killed one of their dogs. A coyote was also likely the cause of injuries for their other dog.

Victoria Fender said the dogs had been outside late at night. It was a common routine because the family has an electric fence. When Victoria’s dad found the dogs outside in the morning, their dog, Datson, had five to six puncture wounds across his abdomen and was covered in blood. Their other dog was found dead with severe wounds.

“Now, we're absolutely terrified to let our dogs outside or even out of our sight,” said Fender.

And it wasn't the first time Datson had been attacked.

He was injured by a coyote six years ago at the same location. The family assumed it was an isolated, random incident so they didn’t report it.

“Now that it happened a second time, it’s clear that there’s a problem,” said Fender.

She said the city told them underreporting is likely an issue.

“We really want to tell citizens that if you see a coyote, make sure to say something about it,” she said. “The city can’t do something about it if it doesn't seem like there is a problem.”

For more information on how to protect yourself from coyotes, click here.

If you see a coyote, you can report it to Maumelle Animal Control at (501) 851-6219.