LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Here in Arkansas, crews are preparing to respond to the coast and help those in need. In the next couple of days, dozens of Arkansans will make their way to Florida and the southern coast as Hurricane Matthew approaches.

What we saw was a well-oiled machine. Crews and volunteers were getting ready to be called out on a moment's notice to help where they can.

"We've got to be able, when the call comes, to respond. Because people depend on us to help them,” said Candy Carey, Executive Director of the Greater Arkansas Chapter of The Red Cross.

Her volunteers are on standby to deploy to wherever Hurricane Matthew impacts along the coast. The goal is to help survivors no matter the city or state.

"We are always at the ready. Can you imagine if we weren't at the ready,” Carey asked.

Many of their volunteers are in Louisiana or have just returned after flooding in that state.

"This is a huge relief operation and so our organization has called upon every Red Cross chapter across the country to be at the ready," Carey said. "To support colleagues across the east coast and impacted states because they've been on the job for several days now supporting shelters."

Thursday morning, 70 Entergy line-men and support crews will head for Florence, South Carolina to help Duke Energy restore power after the storm.

"The first two days we are going to spend driving. That's our biggest task: driving. We are going to make sure we stay focused, have a safe trip, and get everyone there safely,” said Entergy Arkansas Operations Director, Desi Hunter. He will be taking 25 trucks to South Carolina.

Entergy has a partnership with other power companies across the country. Their crews have come to Arkansas to help after tornadoes. This week, Entergy will return the favor.

"They're really relieved. They're glad their companies have planned for us to be here,"Hunter explained. "It's a big relief and it shows the brother-hood between the companies like Entergy and Duke Energy to work together."

THV11's Marielle Mohs is on her way to assist our sister station, First Coast News, with their Hurricane Matthew coverage.